Self care isn't JUST a bubble bath! World Mental Health Day 2023

Eeeeee, there is so much that can be said about World Mental Health Day.
Here’s what I’ve learnt ❤️
Struggles look different for everyone and self care is waaaay more than a bubble bath. With 1 in 4 people being affected (I really think this number is higher), when the darkness creeps in, bubble baths just aren’t going to cut it.
Do what makes YOU happy. Don’t turn into a selfish prick (obvs) but don’t say yes to situations and people that make you feel uncomfortable and miserable. Don’t say yes to everything and make sure to realise your actual capabilities. Don’t head for burn out. Spend time to work on you. Look at what makes you tick, address traumas from your past and BOUNDARIES! God yes, set boundaries!
Find your people and talk to those people. I’ve always found talking helps and every other week I visit my therapist. This helps me make sense of big ‘orrible stuff and lighter life stuff which I don’t always have time to process because I’m too busy (or tired to talk about after putting the kids to bed, etc). If you can access therapy, counselling… do! The Americans are defo on to something by ‘lying on that couch’ 🙌🏻
Do whatever it takes to make YOU feel mentally strong and safe. Things can and WILL get better. There will probably be dips and lows and shitty dark times again but find some calm, meet up with good friends with good ears, cut out ALL toxic people & behaviours, seek professional help, medicate... do whatever helps. 
It’s always easier said than done to look after yourself and your mind. These days, life is so busy and overwhelming but your mental health must be made more of a priority. We must make time for it!
This is just my take on it. Through my experiences and close people around me. Mental health looks different on everyone and it really can be masked so easily. Be kind to others and yourself.
Sending love,
Faye x

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